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Povratak ishodistu
Kosovo and Metohija

Explored locations

The localities that we explored on the ACTIVE MAP will give you an insight into the areas that we worked on and provide important information about Serbian cultural heritage.



The Serbian people in Kosovo possess a far greater and precious treasure than their estates in the plains and mountains.

It is only behind the curse of ignorance of the importance of the treasure of our holy things that the key to reasonable solutions is found...

Kosovo is not the land only of the Serbs who have remained there, nor is Serbia, because Kosovo today is not exclusively Serbian!

It is not easy to face this truth, just as it is not much easier to muster courage and consciously sacrifice everything,  except that which we cannot and must no sacrifice if we wish to survive as a Christian people.



Serbian Patriarch Pavle,

Svedočim, samo [I Testify, Only],

National and University Library

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